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The Bobby Project

Bobby is my pet rubber ducky. Since it doesn't spend much time in the bathroom, I figured it might as well do a bit of travelling and bring me back some nice pictures. Add a great movie to boost inspiration, and that's how the Bobby project began in the spring of 2002.

So here's the concept: I or anyone I know that happens to go abroad on vacation (or for work) takes the duck along and shoots a picture of it in front of some place that is supposedly unique and/or stereotypical of the country it's in. The final picture should be good enough so that by seeing it, people would immediately be able to recognize the location (granted that they've been there or have seen it in some tourist guide). No Photoshopping allowed (the duck must be physically present at the time the picture is shot), there is one and only one Bobby (i.e. it is the same duck on each and every picture), and no directions are given on how the picture should look like.

A grand total of 32 countries are already online. Use the map above to navigate this site. Latest entry: Russia.

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